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join the team at Camera Africa, we are looking forward to seeing your work.

Camera Africa is now looking for talented photographers and image makers to join our team. In exchange for top quality work we offer a 50-50 share of all sales profits, a wide reach and active promotion of all images to the creative industries worldwide.
If you are keen to contribute to the expansion of this contemporary, alternative image bank, we want to hear from you.
We particularly encourage applications from groups underrepresented in the industry, especially Black, POC and photographers resident in or with connections to Africa.

What we offer

⟶ A 50-50 share of all sales profits, at the latest 30 days after a sale.
⟶ Every effort is made to extend the reach of our visibility of all our images.
⟶ Active promotion of all our images to a target audience within the creative industries.

Camera Africa believes in the power of photography to express thought and vision, and to show the meaning and truth of life on the African continent in all its diversity. We are a privately owned and independent company and our not-for-profit model will allow us to invest in the future of visual arts education, support industry connection and nurture new image making – which is why we promise to provide feedback to every applicant.

What we are looking for

⟶ a contemporary look. All image samples are evaluated and feedback is sent to all applicants.
⟶ A high technical standard. The Original High Resolution image files should be: — no less than 22 MP (Megapixels) — colour space: eciRGB v2 — Uncompressed Tif — Colour Bit Depth 8.

We aim to cultivate a diverse visual impression of the African continent, from internal and external perspectives, to provide images that can support the visual communication needs of our clients. Our focus is on building a carefully selected body of images, all of which meet the highest standards, both aesthetically and technically.

Your Application

⟶ Please tell us something about you
⟶ Please include links to at least one existing series of work that matches the technical criteria
⟶ Please include a link to at least one example of an original high resulution tif


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