About Us

Camera Africa is an image bank providing contemporary imagery for the creative industries worldwide.

Our focus is on building a carefully selected body of images, all of which meet the highest standards, both aesthetically and technically. We aim to cultivate a diverse visual impression of the African continent, from internal and external perspectives, to provide images that can support the visual communication needs of our clients.

Who we are

Our core team is a network of independent individuals from the creative industries. We are currently mostly based in Europe, including in Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and the UK.


Photographer and founder Anita Baumann, together with Graphic Designer Jörg Schwertfeger have developed Camera Africa Image Bank over the past few years.

Camera Africa is now looking for talented photographers and image makers to join our team. We particularly encourage applications from groups underrepresented in the industry, especially Black, POC and photographers resident in or with connections to Africa.

Why buy from us

We are a privately owned and independent company, with a not-for-profit model: to put all profits back into the company in order to help foster contemporary visual output on the African continent. Photography is a powerful tool to express thought and vision, to show what life means and how life is. We focus on positivity, equality and the strength of a young generation inhabiting the largest continent on the planet. To achieve that, we want to establish Camera Africa as a successful enterprise, to be able to invest in education in the visual arts, support meet-ups and fairs, to be present and have an open eye for fresh talent. Switzerland is the juristic home of the company, giving it a solid base in the international market of rights managed images.

We imagine Camera Africa as a resource for contemporary, vital, state-of-the-art photography from the African continent.

We plan to gradually bring onboard a solid group of image makers while also improving and expanding not only our technical infrastructure, but also our involvement in projects that foster new approaches to image making across the African continent. Our future goal is for Camera Africa to provide a commercial platform for the best emerging contemporary photographers in Africa to present their work to international clients.

Our background

The founder of Camera Africa is Anita Baumann, a photographer who has worked mainly in Angola for many years, producing the photography-led magazine Todos with her team at WE Communication, the agency that she founded in 2014. The magazine published 12 thematic issues, each highlighting an area of general interest such as infrastructure, healthcare or innovation, to name just a few. Having gathered many and diverse images over the years, Baumann’s idea is to open up her collection and create a foundation to nurture and promote new image making: Camera Africa.


On location in Moxico, Angola: Many children lost their parents during the Angolan civil war. The majority of them found a new home and family. Throughout 14 years of peace, they grew up and are being portrayed with their foster parents. Explore the series

We don’t make compromises. All images meet the highest technical standards.

We work with www.referenceimage.com as our database partner, who allow us to base all image processing on the highest-resolution original photograph. The magical ‘deep zoom’ feature is activated for every image on the website, so you can zoom right into the original file: what you see is what you get. All images are retouched and colour graded to highest specifications by our skilled team of experts.

Our price

Our costs are calculated to allow even smaller firms to afford what we have to offer, and to stay competitive for major productions and larger scale campaigns. If you would like to discuss specific requirements, please get in touch directly.


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